Fatcap is committed to upholding the highest standards of social responsibility and ethical labor practices throughout our supply chain. We believe that all workers have the right to safe, healthy, and fair working conditions. This Code of Conduct outlines the minimum standards that our manufacturers and suppliers must adhere to in order to do business with us.


This Code of Conduct applies to all Fatcap suppliers, including manufacturers, subcontractors, and service providers. It applies to all work performed for Fatcap, regardless of location.

Labor Standards

Monitoring and Enforcement

Fatcap will monitor our suppliers’ compliance with this Code of Conduct through a variety of methods, including audits, inspections, and reviews of documentation. We will take appropriate action to address any non-compliance, including corrective action plans, termination of contracts, and legal action if necessary.


Fatcap will raise awareness of this Code of Conduct among our suppliers and encourage them to cascade this awareness down to their subcontractors and workers.

Communication and Reporting

Fatcap encourages open communication with our suppliers on all matters related to social responsibility and labor practices. We have a confidential email that suppliers and workers can use to report any concerns or violations of this Code of Conduct.

Remediation and Grievance Mechanism

Fatcap has a grievance mechanism in place to address workplace concerns and complaints. Workers can file grievances with Fatcap or directly with their employer. Fatcap will investigate all grievances promptly and fairly.

Commitment to Continuous Improvement

Fatcap is committed to continuous improvement in our social responsibility practices. We will regularly review and update this Code of Conduct to reflect changes in laws, regulations, and industry best practices.


Fatcap is committed to ethical labor practices and worker rights throughout our supply chain. We believe that this Code of Conduct is an important step in achieving this goal. We expect all of our suppliers to comply with the requirements of this Code of Conduct and to work with us to promote social responsibility and ethical labor practices throughout their operations.